Monday, July 26, 2010

Official Timeline for The Little Prince

To keep engagement and excitement level high we have decided that the book should be read within a 4-week period.  So the start date will be September 20th with a finish date of October 15th.  Please do not feel rushed by this; remember this is supposed to be a great experience and not anything stressful.  Therefore follow along as best as you can and share as much as you feel like.

Week 1:  Sept. 20th -24th
Read chapters 1 through 7

Week 2: Sept. 27th - Oct. 1st
Read chapters 8 through 14

Week 3:  Oct. 4th - Oct 8th
Read chapters 15 - 21

Week 4:  Oct. 11th - Oct. 15th
Finish the book

I will be uploading video from my classroom of my read aloud as well as our post discussion.  My students will blog about their perspective on the book on our kidblog, as well as post on our wikispaces page.


Ian Snyder said...

Is this a difficult book? Would it work with a second grade class? thanks for post a comment on my blog. This site is great!

Mrs Ripp aka 4thGrdTeach said...

Hi Ian, I absolutely think you can do this with a 2nd grade class. The book is easy t understand at many levels and while they may not understand all the words, there is a great story to follow that they will easily get into and have something to share about. I read this book when I was 7 and fell in love with it then. Welcome to the project!

MBR said...

A teacher at my school read it to her second grade class two years ago. It can totally work as a read aloud.

David said...

I've just ordered the book... I've never read it before, but hope to read it before school starts (or at least before the 20th!)

I anticipate using it as a readaloud with my second grade class.

Elizabeth Peterson said...

I am going to jump on board and join you, Pernille! So cool. I think I will keep your timeline and then have my students interact with your sts' kidblog by commenting, etc. Sound ok??

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