Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Picture Book Vs Chapter Book

The question has been raised whether a picture book would do for the GRA Project?  My initial answer is no since the concept is to share this experience over several weeks, rather than just a single day.  However, this is not just my project so please add your voice to the debate in the comments below.  Thanks!


Jane said...

Some picture books can be read and discussed for several days if we consider all responses. For example, many of Patricia Polacco's books and other authors too numerous to mention are very thoughtful reflective type books that could encourage a great deal of dialogue and it would not lose steam over several weeks when people's lives get too busy.

aliraines said...

I think we could do either! It might even be nice to do a "warm up" with a picture book to work out some of the kinks. The picture book could serve as a test run. Just a thought!

Debbie said...

I love the idea of discussing a picture book as a warm up. This way we would know if this type of project is good for the class we have in the fall. I also like the idea of doing a Patricia Polacco book. These are wonderful books that have many themes we could discuss on a weekly basis. I am thinking we could read the same book and thinking of different discussion points each time.

Mrs Ripp aka 4thGrdTeach said...

These are great ideas and I love the thought of doing a warm up to see how it will fit in. I am just worried that it will be too alike the World Read Aloud Day which is exactly just one picture book.

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