Monday, July 5, 2010


Here is how it will go:
Inspired by Jeff Howe #1b1t
  • Right now - nominate the book you would like to read aloud.
  • Next - We select the shared read aloud.  The book has to be of general interest, appeal to a large age group of students, be appropriate, hopefully translated into other languages and be freely available.
  • Then - We determine the start date and start reading aloud, blogging, tweeting, skyping, wiki'ing and sharing.


learning4life said...

I collaborated with another teacher using kidblog and the novel "The Green Book" last year. It was a great experience and the kids loved it. The discussions were very insightful. We had a very condensed timeline. We finished the book in 6 readings over the span of 2 weeks which really kept the kids engaged and us on topic. I know that if I drag out the reading of my own personal novels, I need to reread and sometimes lose interest. I wonder about keeping the reading time as short as possible. (4 weeks?)

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