Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let's Get Connected

Ladies and Gentleman, it is time we start to think about who you may want to reach out and connect with during the project.  While I encourage and hope you will share projects, thoughts, and videos on our wiki, I also hope you will take the time to buddy up with other classes.  I think if we can focus on a couple classes the project will have a deeper meaning to all of the kids.

So suggestions are to leave a comment talking about who you would like to connect with.  Or you can go to our Google sign up document and email someone on the list.  Use Twitter to reach out to people under our hashtag #glread10, or...?

How do you want to connect?


B.C. said...

The week of Sept. 13, I'm going to have a few of my students send some emails out to classes in hopes of connecting with them during this project. So keep your eye on your inbox!

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