Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Idea that Spreads - Say Hello to our French Version...



Une idée qui se propage.
L’idée de transmettre l'amour de la lecture à nos élèves est présente en chacun de nous. Ce désir est une valeur essentielle en éducation; quel que soit l’âge, l’origine ou la langue maternelle de nos élèves, les moyens pour y parvenir, pour y motiver chacun et chacune sont multiples. Vous en utilisez sûrement déjà quelques-uns qui permettent aux élèves de partager et d’enrichir leurs réflexions en collaboration avec leurs camarades de classe. Avec la puissance du web en mode 2.0 et sa capacité d’interaction globale, cette opportunité de partage devient sans frontières; nous pouvons aujourd'hui échanger nos idées, nos opinions et nos appréciations avec la planète entière en quelques clics.
L’idée de créer un cercle de lecture global transcende ces concepts. Mme Pernille Ripp, l'instigatrice du Global Read Aloud Project, a réussi à fusionner ces derniers de façon simple et signifiante, créant ainsi un espace de partage qui va au-delà des frontières et qui réunit les élèves sur la planète autour d’un même projet : une lecture à voix-haute mondiale (traduction littéraire de Global Read Aloud).

L’idée a séduit plus d’une quarantaine de classes de partout dans le monde l’an dernier pour sa première édition. Cette année, il rejoint déjà plus de 200 classes partout sur la planète; des États-Unis jusqu’en Australie, en passant par l’Italie et la Corée. La participation au projet explose pour sa deuxième édition.

L’idée a fait son chemin dans la communauté anglophone mondiale et il vient de franchir les barrières de la langue; j’ai le privilège de vous annoncer la création du penchant francophone du projet : Écouter Lire le Monde!

L’idée de Mme Ripp s’est propagée par delà les frontières et à travers les cultures et s’étend maintenant en faisant fit des langues, rassemblant les enfants de toute la planète autour d’un projet littéraire commun.

Joignez-vous à nous pour découvrir et lire deux excellentes oeuvres littéraires!

François Bourdon


An idea that spreads.

The idea of ​​transmitting the love of reading to our students is present in all of us. This desire is a core value in education, regardless of age, origin or mother tongue of our students, the means to achieve it, to motivate each and every one are numerous. You probably already use some that allow students to share and enrich their thoughts with their classmates. With the power of web 2.0 and it’s global interactivity capacity, sharing this opportunity is without borders, we can now share our ideas, our views and assessments with the entire planet in a few clicks.
The idea of ​​creating a global book club goes beyond these concepts. Pernille Ripp, the instigator of the Global Project Read Aloud, managed to merge them in a simple and meaningful way, creating a shared space that goes beyond borders and brings together students about the world around a same project.

The idea has attracted over forty classes around the world last year for its first edition. This year, there are already over 200 classes signed up around the world, from the United States to Australia, passing by Italy and Korea. Participation in the project exploded in its second edition.

The idea has gained ground in the English-speaking world and has just crossed the barriers of language. I am privileged to announce the creation of the French version of the Project: Écouter Lire le Monde!

Ms. Ripp's idea has spread across borders and across cultures, and now goes beyond  languages, bringing together children from around the globe around a common literacy project.

Join us to learn and read two excellent literary works!

To sign up go here
To see Francois Bourdon's website go here

To join this project or for more information go to the wiki


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It Started With an Idea

This project started with an idea, as most things do in life, and yet this idea in particular resonated deep within me.  It brought together two passions; the love of books and a love of global citizenry, the notion of creating global citizens in my classroom.  And yet for this cautious teacher from idea to reality was quite a leap of faith.  When you publish an idea to the world chances are no one will listen.  And what may be so important to me may be nothing to others.  And yet this idea found people who became just as passionate about it as I am .

So the Global Read Aloud was created and it survived it first year with more than 40 classrooms actively connecting.  And they loved it and more importantly, the students loved it.  So this year, it is a little bit bigger, a little bit changed; two books rather than one, and yet the heart of the idea remains: One shared read aloud - one global connection.

So join me and more than 200 other classrooms this fall as we embark on another global read aloud.  You choose how much time you dedicate, you choose how you would like to connect.  Share the world of books with your students as they realize that all around the world children are discovering the same book.  Share the love of listening to incredible books being read aloud and for the love of questions.  We have made it easy for you to participate, all you have to do is take a small leap of faith with us.  Welcome.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We Have a New Wiki

Wiki's are a great way for all of us to share so we have a brand new one.  Please check it out and add your ideas to the project and then get ready to have your students share there as well.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why Did I Join?

By Jee Young Kim

This past week, I attended the summer reading institute led by the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University. One of the main parts of the reading workshop model they talked about is having students engage in book clubs. As we had a chance to participate in our own book club during the conference, I was reminded of how meaningful it was when I could talk to others about the book I was reading. I was excited to hear other peoples’ thoughts, interpretations and questions about the book.

The Global Read Aloud project is so exciting because it creates an international book club for our classes. My fifth grade students from Seoul, Korea will be able to talk, discuss, and share with students from all over the world about Tuck Everlasting. Thanks to the Internet, we can connect to classrooms thousands of miles away, something that I could never imagine doing when I was in fifth grade. This project makes the reading that we do in class more meaningful and relevant for the students. They will have an authentic audience of other students to share their reading with.

Another huge reason that I joined is for myself as an educator. I am thrilled about this opportunity to collaborate with educators from all over the world. It’s not often you can say that you helped plan a global read aloud with talented teachers from outside your school, district, state and country! It is always encouraging to work with other teachers who will put in extra time to plan, write posts, upload videos, leave comments, take photos, and more because of our passion for learning and teaching.

I can’t wait for this project to start with our students in September. I just bought a copy so that I can reread the book again over the summer before school starts. I think the last time I read it was when I was in fifth grade. I hope you and your students will join us on this global journey!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Big Reveal - Which Books Will We Read Aloud

So finally the books have been decided and I am happy to announce the choices for the Global read Aloud 2011.
 Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

Flat Stanley series by Jeff Brown

So join us for this 4-week event as we share one read aloud and connect globally through our shared experience.  More information will come as to how you can connect and how you can share.  But for now, get excited.  We have our books and now the planning can begin.

To join, please sign up here and you can also join our Google group if you would like to be behind the scenes more on this project.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Why I Joined This Project

       Since I joined Twitter a few months ago, I have quickly seen the value in connecting with educators from around the world.  I would like my students to have some of the same opportunities.  The Global Read Aloud Project seems to me like a great vehicle for these connections. Beginning with a common framework of the same book, many classes of students will have the opportunity to interact with other students.  Whether the interactions are discussion groups through chat or Skype, reading each other's blogs, or any other option, the chance to learn and interact with other people outside our local community is highly valuable to me.  I hope that you'll consider joining this project and learning with right along with the over one hundred people who have already signed up.

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