Friday, August 24, 2012

Week by Week Reading Schedule #GLRead12

Finally a weekly breakdown has been selected for both books.  That means that I encourage you to read these pages or chapters in the designated week and then share your thoughts with the world that week.  Although you can certainly read at your own schedule, part of the magic of the global read aloud is the discovery of new things together.  As always, I ask that if you do read ahead of the weeks to not share with the whole group what will happen, it is such a spoiler for the kids.

Charlotte's Web:

Week 1: chapters 1 through 6
Week 2: chapters 7 through 11
Week 3: chapters 12 through 17
Week 4:  chapters 18 through 22

The One and Only Ivan:
Week 1: pages 1-78 
Week 2: pages 79-146 
Week 3: pages 147-236 
Week 4: pages 237-300 


Cryerskids said...

Are we all supposed to be reading the books at the same time? If so, when are we supposed to start. I guess I am still a bit confused about the timing.

Mrs Ripp aka @pernilleripp said...

I highly encourage you to read the "so You've Joined, Now What post... and also explore the wiki. Both do a great job explaining how to proceed.

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