What is the Global Read Aloud?

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Do I have to be a teacher to participate?
No, not at all, but you do want to read the book aloud to someone since that is the experience we are sharing.  So maybe your grandchildren would like to be part of this or another group of kids.  Please join us.

Do my students have to share?
Preferably yes, however, sometimes just reading other students’ ideas and thoughts can be a form of sharing.  So if you feel uncomfortable sharing first, read the discussion and jump in when you are comfortable.

How old should my students be?
We have a picture book study for our youngest students and then tree other books to choose from. We have K through college participate starting in 2014. Whichever book you decide to participate in is truly up to you.  You know your kids/students and whether the book is suitable for them.  Don’t dismiss the project because the books may seem too easy, it is about the connections you make.

Why participate?
This is meant to make the world a little smaller, to open our eyes to the rest of the world and look at all of our shared experiences.  How phenomenal for a child to know that the same book they are reading is being read in classrooms across the globe.

Does this cost money?  
No!  All you need is the book and whatever technology you choose to use.  

What do I need to participate?
The book and time to read aloud.  Access to technology also helps for the connection part.  

How do I sign up?
You can sign up on our Google Form to just be a participant.  This way you will receive all email updates about the project. You will then be added to our Google Group to receive updates and all the information that you need.   You choose how much you would like to do, no effort is gone unnoticed.

Is this really global?  
Yes! Since its inception we have had more than 500,000 students from more than 60 different countries participate!

How are books picked?  
A combination of voting and me (Pernille) choosing.

I really want my book to be picked!
Please read this page or reach out to me.

How do I contact you?
Either through the contact form or email me at psripp+gra@gmail.com

Who Is behind this?  
Pernille Ripp, a 7th grade teacher teaching in Oregon, Wisconsin started this project in the summer of 2010 because she wanted to expand her global collaboration.  Since then more than 10,000 facilitators and 500,000 students have chosen to dedicate time to the project making it bigger and better every year.  To contact Pernille please email her at psripp+gra@gmail.com - she loves to hear from others.


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